All inclusive service
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Your Vacation Rentals in Hokkaido

All inclusive service for Vacation Rental

Breakout Inc. operates private accommodations in Sapporo, Hokkaido, as well as in Furano and Niseko, and a wide range of other areas.

By analyzing guest behavior and mentality with data to create exciting experiences and
profit maximizing marketing strategies for our property owners both in Japan and internationally.


Why choose us

Overwhelmingly high return rate

With our experience and data from 200+ Vacation Rental projects, we can propose the best set-up that fits travelers needs and maximizes your profit.


Short lead time on starting your business

We have in-house staff and connections to take care of everything such as cleaning, interior designs, photo shooting, and etc.
to fulfil all your needs to start your Vacation Rental rolling as soon as possible.


High level property Management

The 2 most important aspects of managing a Vacation Rental are “Communication” and “delicate management”.
And we always work around these to maintain a high satisfaction for both our guests and owners.
We keep track of all consumables and facilities to make sure everything is well maintained.
As well as keeping transparency with our owners through LINE (or any other tool) to make sure we are always on the same page.


Reservation based commission

We are proud of our management that we only charge commission for bookings we acquire, so there are no worries about paying high management fees during low seasons when reservations are slow.
We can also transfer and deposit money to most banks both in Japan and overseas.


Multilingual staff to minimize miscommunication

We have staff able to communicate in Japanese, English, Chinese and Cantonese so as to reduce the chance of miscommunication over translation.


About us

Every year there are over 20 million tourists visiting the northern island of Japan, Hokkaido.
Despite the volume of tourists, Hokkaido’s development over hospitality never meets the demand.
Our mission is to provide an exciting and enjoyable hospitality service for all tourists to enjoy the
powder snow, nature, and delicious cuisines in the beautiful land of the north.


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